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Who we are

Your perfect producer should be a TEAM
combining advanced knowledge of music, script writing, and marketing,
with profound experience in radio-broadcasting as well as audiobook production for many years.
TonInTon is more than just a digital soundstudio: No matter if commercial or audioplay - concept and design's included.
From idea to CD!


TonInTon Radio production
made by broadcasting professionals

Conceptioning - Production - digital remastering -
Jingles – On Air sound elements - Trailer -
Soundalikes – Features -
Commercials - Remastering

  Broadcast jingle-mix

Popsong soundalike

* * *
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TonInTon Commercials
from storyboard conceptioning up to sounddesign

Radio spots – Storyboard conceptioning and development –
Voices data base - digital remastering -
acustic Logos & Jingles GEMA free

Non-standard advertising / promotion,
e.g. trade show presentation, audio for public audio booths,
podcasts, custom made audioplays

Commercial XXL car spares

trade show presentation Metawell

* * *
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TonInTon Sounddesign
no multimedia without sound!

Audio guides - E-Learning - Voice recording -
Acustic company logos - Underlay for websites -
Remastering - Soundeffects for games, film, etc. –
sound track / audio track for film and video –
Digitisation of tapes & disc records –
Private birthday-, wedding-, congratulation-productions

audio guide Berlinder Mauer for kids

lip synch company presentation,
in coop with dawnmedia Ltd. lip synch company presentation produced by TonInTon Berlin

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TonInTon Audiobooks & Audioplays
from script conceptioning up to sounddesign

Production – Conceptioning – Script writing –
Cast of voices – Direction – Line producer – Execution producer – Scores

Particular speciality:
children’s audioplays & custom made promotion audioplays

literary audioplay E.T.A. Hoffmann

custom made children's audioplay

* * *
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TonInTon Music production
custom made & GEMA free

Commercial jingles & acustic logos GEMA-free –
Jingles for audiobooks – Scores for audioplays -
Instrumentals - Underlays for websites – Film score -
Arrangement - Mastering - Postproduction

acustisc logo Wallstreet online trading

coverversion Studio Project Schundfunk

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TonInTon Prices
Because TonInTon is an economically working team we can offer you economical prices!

- e.g. commercial (1 actor) incl. production, digital remastering starting at 200.- €

- all-inclusive price day rate studio, up to 8 hrs (engineer incl.) 320.- €

(all prices plus 19% VAT)

Reasonable Prices mean Satisfied Customers. Feel free to look at our References


Voice talents
How to contact TonInTon
You need
professional German voice talents

for your project?
in German or English... as may best please you!
Please visit this site:
Mail to: kontakt (at)

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